Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wonky Website

So... it's been a long time... let's face it... a really long time since I posted anything of substance. Honestly, the only reason I'm doing anything now is because I was confronted with a complication with my website hosting. My website was shut down (yet again) because of high volume internet traffic. Apparently someone thought my pics from Dragon*Con 2007, and some Egypt photos were cool enough to post a link to them from a high-traffic website. My site went down and I had to take the photos off before I could restore service. I decided to take most of my content down, lest that kind of thing happen again, and again, and again. I will rework my content, and then repost it at some future date. In the meantime, I wanted to make at least my blog available, but even that is in a stripped down format. So long personalize graphics.

There actually is lots to tell you, including the fact that I no longer have internet at home (a personal decision to free up time) which in itself makes it difficult to make updates.

Well, I have to go. Writing from a Panera Bread, and they are closing... so I'll write again sometime in the future. Hope you are all well. Hello Gillian!


Anonymous said...

Hi you!!
Glad to see you are up and running again....I have missed you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Stumpy, how we miss you.

Unknown said...

Hi Jason, I am currently working with Care with Love in Egypt and we are interested in contacting you about the website that you designed for their organization. Would you be willing to ptovide me with your email address so that I could contact you about how to edit the website? Thank you!
Whitney (

Anonymous said...

My name is Jason Clay too!!!