Monday, October 29, 2007

The Highland Games

Last weekend I went with a group of friends to The Highland Games at Stone Mountain Park. It's an annual Scottish festival with lots kilts, bagpipes, and beer.

Some year I am actually going to watch the games. I know there's all kinds of competition, but somehow I never get around to seeing it. I did see one caber toss from a distance this year. That's pretty much where a guy tries to flip a telephone pole (okay, I exaggerate a little) end over end.

I had my first (and probably last) experience eating haggis. It wasn't as bad as the hype, but it still wasn't fantastic. I can do without it.

By the end of the festival, we all decided we would save up for a kilt (well, at $1,000 a pop, maybe not) and go back again next year. Next time I really, REALLY will watch the games. I promise.

Check out some photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool page and I enjoyed the pictures from the Highland Games. I miss you!