Sunday, September 23, 2007

Painting the Narthex: Part 2

Today after church a group of about eight or nine of us started the second phase of the narthex painting project. Previously we had done several base coats of the various colors along the wall, but today we got to add those funky, ribbon-like lines that run the length of the hall.

On Friday I did some test painting on the first section, which represents Advent, and then chalked out the rest of the design so others could help by filling in the lines. It is amazing what a few hours difference makes. In no time this project was finally taking the form that we had originally envisioned. The curving lines add so much activity to what was once a bland, boring hallway.

I think my favorite part of painting today was painting with red paint to represent Pentecost. The red is just incredibly bright and stands out like a beacon, even in the midst of the other vibrant colors. Unfortunately the red paint was thinner than the others so it's going to take several coats for it to look right. My friend Scott commented that the Pentecost column looks like a candy cane, but that will soon change as we will also add orange and yellow to complete the flame appearance.

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Jess said...

Wow! These look great! I'll have to come see it when I'm home. That hall has always needed a lot of help, and Now it's getting it!