Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dinner with high school friends

Myspace is a neat thing. You can get reconnected with old friends from a different era. Truly amazing. Recently I got together with my friends Tara and April both of whom I hadn't seen in years.

Tara and I figured it had been at least 8 years since we last saw one another. I was amazed to learn she had a child and was enjoying motherhood. She is also on the verge of completing her massage therapy education, so if you are in the Conyers, GA area and you need a massage, I can refer you to her.

April (the same April I wrote about two posts ago) is now a school teacher. Though I thought it hadn't been long since I last saw April, it has actually been three or four years. She seems so sweet most of the time, though she does have a fiery personality that lurks just below the surface, the one you rarely see. I presume that is what enables her to put up with a classroom of kids for a whole year I am sure. She claims it's a part of her Sicilian heritage. I won't argue. She is living in Loganville now.

We chatted and gabbed for quite some time; so long in fact, our waitress practically kicked us out. (FYI it was at the new Chili's in Snellville)

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