Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New jobs on the horizon

So, I've had some luck in the business department over the last few days. I've gotten connected with one of the largest churches in Atlanta to do some graphic design. They are celebrating a big anniversary next year and want to do a kind of campaign starting with a logo, which will be used on letterhead, envelopes, greeting cards, t-shirts, and vinyl banners. The logo is based on artwork a member of the church did. She is a liturgical artist and has designed three fantastic cut-paper banners. She gave me a preliminary design as reference for the logo, and the other two will follow as they are completed. I'll post more on this as the project progresses.

I've also gotten a few nibbles in the website design area. Nibbles sometimes don't turn into anything, but sometimes you get a catch. We shall see.

My business is growing up as it now officially has a checking account. Next I am putting together some mailing cards and letterhead/envelopes to promote my services. I'll send out a mailing of about 1000 pieces and see what kind of response I get.

I'm terrified of two possible outcomes. One, that nobody will respond and I will fail before I get started. Two, that the response will be so overwhelming I won't know what to do with myself. I guess the second option is better than the first though, eh?

This is all timing out just right because my church, where I have been working part-time for a few months now, has filled not only the vacant music/choir director position, but also the secretary position (which I was temping for) so I will be moving on at the end of May. Let's hope that business will come along as I need it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
I'm so glad you've got some nibbles on your web design stuff. Thats so awesome! I wish you well, but I guess not too well, or else you might not know what to do with yourself!!!

Jason said...

Thanks Jen. I am excited about it all. Communications have been going well with the big 150th anniversary job! Weee heeeew!