Monday, April 09, 2007

Homemade Easel

A few years ago I made a gigantic easel in the basement but when I finally tried it out this year the fumes from the oil paints I used filled the house. Not to mention the fumes were strongest near a furnace... not a good combination. So the basement easel was a no-go. After all the hard work I had put into building it, I got discouraged and it was several months later before I sat down at my computer and designed a free standing easel (the previous one was mounted to a wall) so I could take it outside.

I reused as much of the materials from the previous easel as I could. And the result was a fantastic easel that I can haul out to my yard in two pieces and set up within ten minutes. It's incredibly sturdy, and on windy days I can throw bags of sand over the boards that form the base to keep it from turning into a gigantic sail.

On the left you can see the schematic I made on my 3-D design program and me with the finished product.

I'm itching to paint so if any of you would like to commission a painting, or know someone else who would, just let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to commission a piece for Christy entitled "Gracie"...

It looks pretty cool!