Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Buds from Valdosta

I got together with some of my old college friends recently. Unfortunately it was under a pretty sad circumstance. We all gathered together in Valdosta, GA to pay our respects to Valerie Fisher, who passed away unexpectedly in mid-March.

Valerie was a vocal student at VSU at the same time I was an art student. I didn't know Valerie well, but we hung out in the same circles. I was in marching band my first three years of college, so I hung around with a bunch of band geeks (pot calling the kettle black, I know) in the music department. Music folks are a tight-knit group, and in hindsight, I was honored to be around such a fine group of people. I only wish you could have heard the congregation singing at Valerie's memorial service. It was so beautiful! Having musical people in your life enhances it beyond imagination and it was clear that Valerie enhanced many people's lives.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I likee the mutton chops and handlebar-mustache. You, Hop-a-Long and I need to do another road trip, minus our kiddos!