Sunday, February 11, 2007

Flash Fix

Those of you who use Internet Explorer have probably noticed in the past that the header of my web site didn't work until you activated it by clicking on it. This problem arose after Microsoft lost a lawsuit filed by a small company who held the patent on the technology that inserted the Flash movie that contains my web site header. ... or so I have heard. I don't know all the sordid details. All I know is that every Flash item on all the web sites I created had this problem. I knew there was a work around for the problem, but I've had too much going on during the last 8 or so months to fool with it. I am proud to announce the problem is no more. Now you can click directly on my menu buttons without a problem. Now I'm off to fix my other sites!

If you are interested in becoming one of the ever-increasing legions of people who are abandoning Internet Explorer for a better browser, I recommend Firefox. That's the browser I use.

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