Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool Internet Game-Galactic Gravity Golf

I normally don't bother playing internet games. It's usually a waste of time and I have better things to do. But for some reason this one caught my eye and it was a blast. I scored about 31,000,000 points after I finished all 36 rounds. Try it (if you don't mind blowing an hour of your life), then post your results in a comment. I'm curious to see how you do.


Jason said...

Just played it again and got 48 million. It went much faster this time and clearly I understood it a little better.

Irfan Ali said...
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Clairew said...

hi there...i saw you spent a year in garbage city and was wondering what the awesome cave church there is called. I was there a few months back and couldn't remember. any chance you also know the name of a women's organization that employs the local women and makes recycled products (bags, paper, etc.)

thanks so much!

Jason said...

Hi Claire! Thanks for contacting me. Isn't Egypt amazing? What group did you go with? Or were you brave and go alone?

I lived in Cairo for a year, but sadly was only able to visit Garbage City and the cave churches once (maybe twice, I can't remember now), so I probably know as much as you do at this point. I did a search on Google for Egyptian cave churches and found this article:

I believe the one that seats 4,500 was the one that was nearly enclosed in a dome of rock, while the one that seats 20,000 is the large one you are referring to. Their names, according to this article, are Samaan El Kharaz and, oddly enough, Garbage Cathedral. I do know there are MANY cave churches in the Garbage City area, but these two are the largest.

I am also at a loss about the women's organization you speak of, but I tapped the memory of my girlfriend and she said it might be the Association for the Protection of the Environment. I looked at their website and saw that they have many programs including some for young women. My girlfriend said they have a shop at the cave churches. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of. Check it out.

Take care. God Bless.