Monday, November 06, 2006

Teri's Ordination in Chicago

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the culmination of my girlfriend Teri's years of seminary education, internships, youth ministering, and mission work in the form of her ordination at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago.

My mom and I decided to fly up for the ordination service and joined many of Teri's friends and family members. It was a wonderful time, and I got to see many dear friends I hadn't seen in some time. I also got to meet Teri's aunt for the first time. She is a very important person in Teri's life, so I was a little anxious about meeting her, but she seemed very nice. Turns out she is a Pisces like me, so that probably had something to do with it. ;-)

It was a beautiful service. Since I am ordained as an elder, I went up for the laying on of hands and made sure that I got my hand on her right shoulder. I know she couldn't see me, but I was glad that I got to experience (not just witness) a little part of the service with her. And then she served communion for the first time! Quite a momentus occasion.

Teri is now serving as an Associate Pastor at Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church in Crystal Lake, IL. It's an incredible church with wonderful people in the suburbs of Chicago. I am very happy that she is serving there.

Mom had never been to Chicago so we made sure to hit the sites there as well. Fortunately Teri got to join us for a little while, and one of my former pastors, Beverly joined us as we toured around. She had never been to Chicago either!

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