Friday, September 08, 2006

Saint Simon's Island

Before I even left Egypt my mother contacted me and told me that she wanted to plan a family "vacation" after my return to the States, so that we could unwind together. She couldn't have planned a better place to relax than St. Simon's Island, just on the Georgia coast.

We stayed at my great uncle's condo and took little jaunts to scenic sites such as the lighthouse, a ruined colonial-era fort, a historic church with an ancient (by American standards) cemetery.

One of my favorite parts was taking advantage of the condo complex's swimming pool. I can't tell you how long it has been since I truly went swimming, but I took advantage of the pool every day I was there... sometimes mutiple times in a day.

I think the highlight of my time there though was my and my mother's early morning trip to the beach. We arrived at the fishing dock at about 5:45am and then watched the sun rise from behind the lighthouse. I don't think I had ever seen a lighthouse actually performing its duty. There was a very distinct beam of light projecting through the humid, sea air.

We met and talked with several fishermen. One of them caught, not one, but two hammerhead sharks while we watched. Pretty creepy little critters. I expect they don't tase very good because he tossed them back into the water.

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