Thursday, June 29, 2006


What do you say to your Iraqi friend that emails you a picture called "The Reality" and THIS is what you see? WARNING to parents of youngsters, the image contains profane language.

UPDATE: I found out today from an article on the web site that the image I linked to was faked. My father was quick to email me and tell me that a commanding officer of an aircraft carrier would never allow this type of thing to happen. While I didn't state it in my original message, I suspected the image was faked for the same reason.

Faked or not, this image still makes our armed forces look bad. Even though members of our armed forces didn't spell out this message, there is still someone out there that intentionally made this. Often the war in Iraq is spoken of as a war of public relations. Well, this small PR battle was lost because the image made its way into the email of an innocent Iraqi.

We celebrate our rights and the responsibilities that come with them. Some American out there flexed his right of free speech and made this image, but was it a responsible action?

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