Monday, May 29, 2006


Well, that was interesting. I posted a video to my web site several days ago that shows my journey around the pyramids of Giza, and then a few days after that I posted similar videos of the pyramids at Dashur. Apparently they became quite popular on the internet... so popular that the sheer volume of web traffic shut my site down for nearly two days.

For those of you not into geekspeak... skip this paragraph. My web hosting plan allows for 3 Gigabytes of traffic each month. Normally I don't even scratch that. But yesterday alone, my web traffic burned through 85 Gigabytes, and eventually my web host pulled the plug, ending my access to email and my ability to remove files from my site.

I finally got ahold of the web hosting company and they removed the videos for me so the same thing wouldn't happen again, and then they reinstated the site. I am still getting tremendous amounts of traffic even though the videos are no longer there, but hopefully my site won't be shut down again.

I've been given tips for FREE places to store my videos, so I won't have to deal with all these bandwidth issues. Once I find someplace to put them, I will let you know where to find them. Unfortunately the links to the videos on my site won't work until I find a new home for them.



jace anderson said...

Heh... welcome to the INTARWEB hehe... yeah, at 7.5 megs a download, i watched all three, and sent friends to see it as well. Originally found your site thru digg i think, either way, i'm glad you've gotten it under control. Let us know when you have the vid's up again, where ever they are!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of slashdot/digg. Give YouTube a try for video hosting (free).