Friday, February 24, 2006

Trip to the doctor

Yesterday my site coordinator took me for medical treatment for the second time in two weeks. I just haven't been able to shake this sinus infection so she took me to an actual doctor this time, not just a clinic. I told the doctor the medication name and he pretty much immediately knew what was going on. He knew that I had made some progress I but just couldn't seem to shake the infection. He said this happened because the bacteria were resistant to the antibiotic I had gotten at the clinic, so he prescribed a new one and said I should feel better within 48 hours. Whew! I sure hope so. Since then I have been spending most of my time resting.

I did go to the seminary on Wednesday to see what the plan is for me there. I have been working at the Synod of the Nile every day of the week up until now, but I will be working at Evangelical Theological Seminary two days out of every week from now on.

I met with Brice. He's a really nice guy that I've hung out with on occasion. The gist was he wants me to help transfer the seminary's current web site from Front Page (bleech!) to Dreaweaver (sweet!). It seems Front Page is rather limiting in it's abilities, and they are looking for a little more flexibility. I will probably also be helping to update the content of the web site from time to time. Unfortunately after Brice and I met I began to feel woozy and I had to leave after only three hours of being there. I hope I will be a little more effective next week. It wasn't a very good first day at a new place.

Since I was spending a lot of time resting in my bed I pulled out my X-Files DVD's to keep me entertained. I was watching an episode called "Blood" that originally aired in 1994. At one point Fox Mulder said something about the government that I think holds true today as much as it did 12 years ago, if not more. He said, "If you're distracted by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above." Interesting.


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